Madame Yevonde, one of the first feminists, was both an eccentric artist and an established professional photographer

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Madame Yevonde was a French photographer during the 1800s. At the time, it was common for women to serve as professional artists who, like Madame Yevonde, were primarily known for their skills in painting and drawing.

Madame Yevonde took a different approach when she decided to make photographs as her main source of income rather than selling paintings. She started by taking portrait photographs of prominent male patrons and artists – people like Delacroix and Géricault. Her work quickly became recognized, especially in France where she was one of the first female photographers to do so.

Madame Yevonde’s photography career spans over 2 decades with hundreds of clients ranging from wealthy socialites to the French government. Her work was highly regarded by her peers and is still celebrated

Another quality that could not be ignored about Yevonde, even in her own day, was her outspokenness.

The discovery of the first-ever photograph of the moon by Madame Yevonde is a case in point. The photo was taken on December 14th, 1839 at 6:30pm, and it revealed an image of the moon that had never been seen before. It is unclear who took the photo – a colleague simply wrote “Madame Yevonde” across it – but we can say with certainty that this portrait captures a momentous occasion.

Madame Yevonde was a first-generation feminist and art photographer who became famous in France during the late 1800s. Her photographs, which she took with her own camera and with others she borrowed, portrayed science and nature as she saw them.

Madame Yevonde became an established professional photographer in France when photography was still in its infancy. She is one of the few female photographers of her time that were known for their work and not just their gender.

However, being a feminist by herself did not pay off financially and Madame Yevonde struggled financially after she retired from photography.

Madame Yevonde was a famous photographer who became famous in the late 19th century for her intriguing, contemplative photographs and as an advocate for suffragettes.

Madame Yevonde was not just an artist; she was also a scientist and a feminist activist. She used science to create her art in the form of photographs, emphasizing the similarities between science and art.

Madame Yevonde was a French scientist, painter and photographer who is often credited as the first feminist. Though she never made a formal announcement of her feminist views, Madame Yevonde expressed herself through her work.

Around the time when women were not supposed to be working outside the home, Madame Yevonde began selling her paintings for money. Her work was primarily focused on mathematical and scientific subject matter which appealed to both men and women.

She also used this opportunity to express herself in a new medium – photography.

Madame Yevonde was an eccentric artist who was also a professional photographer and an avid scientist. Her work focused on both science and art.

Born in France to a family of scientists, her early scientific studies were interrupted by a fateful trip to Italy, where she discovered that photography would be the perfect way for her to earn a living.