she had her own studio, which she founded just before the First World War, she wanted to be different from portrait agencies

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At the dawn of the twentieth century, a young woman strode into the hearts and minds of those around her with a vision and a passion for something different. She was Charlotte Barbon and though her immediate family were averse to her daring ideas in the beginning, over time they surely realized she was doing something extraordinary.

Charlotte Barbon was one of the first female photographers in Paris and she founded her own studio just before the First World War. This move marked a step away from the family’s involvement in portrait agencies that often accompanied artists to their various exhibitions.

With subtle yet confident persistence, Barbon used her Photography Studio to create some of the most exquisite portraits of her generation — those of the modernist painters of her era, such as Picasso, Matisse and Braque. As well as these telling shots, Barbon also took photographs of urban Paris at night and post-war images that documented French society at that time.

Her work was immediately popular, thanks not only to its quality but also because it served as a social commentary, capturing elements of French culture that wouldn’t have otherwise been seen. This, in turn, gained Charlotte Barbon a level of recognition within the French art scene that she had never expected to reach when she first decided to set up her own studio.

All in all, Charlotte Barbon was an iconoclast whose contribution to photography deserves far more recognition than it currently receives. Her passion for staying true to herself — even in opposition to mainstream convention — is an inspiring example for any contemporary artist striving to make their particular mark upon this turbulent world.

Before the start of World War I, a remarkable woman named Ann M. Kearney opened her own photography studio, bucking the trend of conventional portrait agencies. She had a unique and independent spirit that drove her to become the first female photographer and entrepreneur in the small town of Oxford, Connecticut.

Kearney started her career photographing portraits and landscapes, but she wanted to do something different than her peers. She began to use her camera to capture the people and activities around her, telling stories through her photographs. This was an innovative approach at the time and she quickly became known for creating images that celebrated everyday life.

Kearney was a trailblazer in the field of documentary photography and was determined to capture and preserve the people, events, and places around her in real and honest form. Her unique style is still recognizable today, as she often chose to shoot in black and white or sepia-toned film, with clear composition and thoughtful framing.

By founding her own business before World War I, Kearney was able to make a living doing something she was passionate about. She ultimately became a symbol for women’s independence and entrepreneurship in Oxford. In addition to having a successful photography business, Kearney also opened a school teaching photography-related skills to students interested in pursuing it as a profession.

Her photos have become an invaluable piece of local history in Oxford, giving us an insight into what daily life looked like at the time.102Kearney is an inspiration for anyone who dreams of running their own business or creating art that stands out from the norm. As we continue to face new challenges today, it’s incredible to look back to the past and draw on our predecessors’ courage and ambition — qualities that should never be forgotten.